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I am BG Engineering, an engineering company based in Swansea, Wales. I fabricate many items from steel which will be added to this site regularly. I am promoting my new product, TAC (Target Activity Centre).  It is a framework which, upon assembly, will sport all our numerous and exciting targets.  The framework has a basic size of 930mm(H) x 500mm(W) x 500(D).  It can be extended vertically in increments of 930mm and horizontally in increments of 500mm.  Minimally, there would be 4 vertical legs and 8 horizontal bars needed to assemble a frame.  There are four types of feet available.  There are casters designed for wheeling your TAC on a solid surface.  Solid and adjustable feet and spiked feet designed for sinking into a soft surface.  This is a solid but not rigid framework.  All bars are swaged for ease with assembly.  No bolts are needed as gravity holds it all in place.

All targets are fitted with a bracket on the rear that will slip over the frame and be secured with a hand screw.

Our targets are made from British Steel and are manufactured in Swansea, Wales.

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